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How to make your website mobile friendly – 11 digital platforms

mobile friendly website

With Google's revealation about the huge number of people searching for information and brands via mobile phones; They announced the era of all things mobile, making it clear that the future of the web is mobile. Imagine the number of people visiting your website are seeing it on a screen that takes up just a few inches.Will your readers feel cramped or have to work hard to navigate your site or read your content? Are you ready? … [Read more...]

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How small businesses are using social media [Infographic]


It wasn’t that long ago that incorporating an Internet presence was optional for brands and businesses. Now it’s virtually impossible for a business to compete today without paying at least some attention to the internet space. This impact has been more significant with small businesses. Billions of small businesses have mastered the power of connecting with customers and colleagues electronically. … [Read more...]

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How to use YouTube to promote your brand

YouTube for business

The realization that YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world has since shifted it from the silly 'watch-me-videos' status into one of the popular brand marketing platforms in the world. People love watching videos; YouTube and mobile technology has given them the power to do so. It's time you need to seize the initiative – for your business. … [Read more...]

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